Earn up to *RM700 of pocket money monthly! ​

when you refer a friend to join Kiple

What is this about?

The Kiple Ambassador Referral Program lets you earn an incentive when you refer a friend to sign up for the app, via a unique code generated for you. The more referrals you get, the more you earn.

Who can be part of this?

If you are a student and user of the Kiple app, you are eligible to sign up for the program.

What do I get?

You get to enjoy benefits both as an ambassador or as a referral.
ambassador incentive structure

How do I join?

Sign up to our referral program here. You must first be a Kiple user.
Register an account by keying in your details and referral code which can be found in your Kiple App Account > Refer a Friend

Earn commission from every successful registration. Refer to the Incentive Structure to understand more about your earnings.

Track your progress by signing into your account with every RM100 milestone.

Ready to be Kiple Ambassador?


I was referred by my friend and signed up as a user. Can I be a Kiple Ambassador too?

Yes! The Ambassador Program is open to all Kiple users. To sign up, visit ambassador.kiple.com .

I was asked to key in a referral code. Where can I find it?

You can find your unique referral code within a week upon signing up for the Kiple app. Go to your Kiple app. Click on Account > Refer a Friend to retrieve it. This will also be the code used to share with your friends and family, and to track your monthly progress.

How are the incentives calculated and what is the payout cycle like?

The incentive is calculated at the end of every month, and you can find the amount you earned credited into your Kiple wallet latest by the first week of the following month. You can track your progress weekly through your account on ambassador.kiple.com/#check-code . For more info, please refer to our Incentive Structure here.

What is the minimum number of people I need to refer for me to receive my incentive?

To qualify for incentive, a minimum of 10 referrals is required, and the users recruited must at least  perform 1 mode of payment / transaction of any amount in the  Kiple  app.

Can I cash out the earnings in my Kiple e-wallet?

Yes, you can cash out your earned incentives via the methods below:
  1. ATM withdrawal with Kiple Visa Prepaid Card
  2. E-wallet withdrawal
A withdrawal fee of RM2 will be imposed, for either method of withdrawal.

Will my incentive from the previous month roll over to the following months?

No, your incentives will not be accumulated and your progress will be rest on a monthly basis i.e. the  first day of every month.

Is RM600 the highest amount I can earn?

Good news! Each month, we will reward Top 10 Super Ambassadors who achieve 50 referrals the fastest, by doubling your commissions earned. E.g. the fastest ambassador to hit RM600 will receive a total payout of RM1,200.

Already an ambassador?

Check referral code “DUALIPA123” for sample progress





Chong Kah Luo



Kong Chau Shing



Angie Lee



Lee Zi Qing



Ng Wen Hui



Celine Loh Qian Lin



Nurul Ain Najwa



Norsyahera Akma Binti Sana



Hung Jia Min



Tan Zhi An